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FireMon + Fortinet

Real-time visibility and unified policy management across entire hybrid estate

Manage policy through a single interface – across Fortinet, traditional and cloud-based firewalls, and cloud security groups


Simplify & Automate Policy Management Across Diverse Networks

As organizations turn to digital transformation initiatives to accelerate their businesses, reduce costs, and improve customer experience,
their network complexity and rates of change have both skyrocketed. To ensure security, compliance, and agility, Fortinet customers
need to comprehensively manage network policies across heterogeneous firewalls and cloud environments.

The FireMon-Fortinet partnership enables companies to simplify
and automate policy management across heterogeneous
networks to:

Visualize and analyze all network traffic to identify security and compliance risks.

Automate and streamline workflows for policy creation
and management.

Ensure continuous compliance by monitoring network access
paths and with alerts to potentially risky policy changes

Monitor and identify rule changes that impact the security
posture, compliance, or business continuity

Visualize and manage policy everywhere

FireMon complements Fortinet FortiManager in multi-vendor firewall environments.

By providing visibility of the Fortinet firewall implementations within a single pane of glass, FireMon enables customers to:

  • Manage policies from multiple firewall vendors along a common source of truth
  • Enforce Security and compliance across a range of network devices
  • Collection information from FortiManager to be uses in FireMon Automation.

Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in security policies

FireMon collects and aggregates Fortinet policy information directly into the FireMon platform and builds it into the FireMon network model that includes network topology, security controls, and assets.

With this customers can:

  • Visualize Fortinet network devices as part of the overall network map in relation to hybrid network security toplogy
  • Real-time policy analysis to ensure consistent security policy enforcement
  • Visualize configuration, policy, and rule usage statistics across all network security enforcement points.


Trusted by the Global 2000

Deemed critical to National Security
by the United States Treasury

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