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The most common threat to business security isn’t superpowered hackers finding elaborate ways through your defenses. Your network is far more likely to be exposed by overworked network and security teams accidentally misconfiguring a firewall or security group when trying to manually manage far too many rules and policies.

FireMon delivers change automation at the level and pace that your organization is ready for, eliminating errors and saving time.

Tech Demo Videos

Policy Cleanup: Outdated and unmanaged policies increase risk and compromise compliance.

Rule Design

Accurate rule design is critical to ensuring your network stays secure and compliant.

ServiceNow Integration

Security policy management is most effective when it fits within your existing workflows.

Customizable Workflows

Rigid workflows make it harder to manage your environment and maintain compliance.

Centralizing and Searching Rules

Without a comprehensive, centralized, and searchable repository of rules, security policy management is impossible.

Centralized Rule Documentation

A single source of truth for security rule documentation is critical for managing security in complex environments.

Hybrid Policy Normalization

Maintaining consistent policies across security devices from multiple vendors is impossible with manual processes.

Policy Deployments and Migration

Manual deployments, migrations, and changes are time-consuming and introduce countless opportunities for error.

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