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FireMon delivers a time-tested, enterprise-proven platform for policy change automation, compliance, and risk management.  FireMon provides:

  • Proven scalability and performance routinely supporting customers with more than 20,000 devices
  • An API-first approach for easy integrations into SIEM, SOAR, XDR, vulnerability scanners, and ITSM systems
  • Real-time flexible, granular, and customizable search with FireMon’s Security Intelligence Query Language (SIQL)
  • Fully customizable reporting, analytics, assessments, and dashboards
  • World-class support team to get you set up in no time and is always at your side when you need assistance
  • Ongoing training, health and architectural reviews, product tutorials, and more

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FireMon beats Tufin where it matters



Open API

A modular plug and play framework with every element of the platform accessible by API

Does not offer full API access


Certified to support over 15,000 devices, 25 million rules, and sub-10-second response times
Unproven new platform


Easy to use SIQL query language that can search every part of the FireMon platform in real time
New feature with unproven results

Change Tracking

Automated tracking of all configuration changes and displayed on a single dashboard

Requires an additional module for change tracking

Device Discovery

Complete layer 2 and 3 device visibility and topology mapping

Can only discover supported devices


Real-time reporting with over 500+ control checks that can be fully customized

Canned reports make users adapt to Tufin’s format or pay more for customizations

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