Financial Network Security, Firewall Management & Compliance Solutions

Financial services are uniquely vulnerable to cyberattacks and security risk. Cybercriminals are on the prowl for the bank’s weak spots to break in and snatch priceless data. But it doesn’t stop there. Banks and financial institutions are drowning in compliance standards that always change. The process of preparing for audits is time-intensive and in constant flux. Audits take weeks (or months), which means by the time you’re ready, everything has changed.

Continuous Security for Today’s Financial Services

Financial services remain a top target for cyberattacks – putting financial services in the top 3 industries affected in this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. With giant reservoirs of personal and financial information, banks and other finance firms find themselves in the crosshairs of some of the most aggressive cybercriminals.

Imagine something different. Imagine a world with global views of your network, automated compliance and audit reporting and changes that take seconds instead of weeks. Can you picture it?

It’s not a fantasy, we built it. FireMon is the only solution with the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration.

The FireMon Solution

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Vulnerability Management

Stand in the shoes of an attacker and see how vulnerabilities could be exploited with attack simulation.

FireMon combines vulnerabilities with network policies to reveal how an attacker could access (and exploit) bank resources. See which patches take top priority and use change automation to restore security.

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Continuous Compliance

With the stroke of a legislator or regulator’s pen, compliance changes. Take away the anxiety with continuous compliance. 

FireMon’s compliance reporting consists of a library of 350+ custom controls along with pre-built assessments for financial industry standards, such as PCI DSS and NIST. Real-time compliance checks make sure you’re always audit-ready.

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Finance moves at the speed of light. Security orchestration should do the same.

Intelligent orchestration means every change is tested for compliance and given a risk score – necessary for financial organizations. From rule design to review, from implementation to decommissioning, you can automate the entire process. FireMon orchestration ensures the right change happens in minutes instead of weeks.

The FireMon Difference

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Know what’s happening right now, automate your response
  • Full Data Retention: Finance is data, keep it as long as you wish
  • Customizable Search & Reporting: Search, find, isolate, remediate all from a single FireMon console
  • Automation & Orchestration: Automate checks, orchestrate change when compliance drifts