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Make the security technologies you’ve invested in do what they’re supposed to do.

About FireMon

FireMon improves security operations that will in turn lead to better security outcomes. FireMon delivers industry-leading security policy management, cloud security operations, and asset management solutions. Our platform is the only real-time solution that reduces firewall and cloud security policy-related risks, manages policy changes, and enforces compliance.

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FireMon Security Manager

FireMon’s Security Manager is a purpose-built network security policy management (NSPM) platform that automates the management of firewall and cloud security policies to eliminate policy-related risk, accurately and quickly change rules, and meet internal and external compliance requirements. 

  • Reduce Risk Manage risk with real-time visibility and control 
  • Manage Change Avoid misconfigurations, accelerate business, and improve security 
  • Enforce and Maintain Compliance Avoid violations, avoid risk, and avoid fines
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FireMon Asset Manager

FireMon Asset Manager is a real-time network visibility solution that monitors hybrid cloud environments for anomalies, potential threats, and compliance violations. It continuously scans and discovers the entire network infrastructure for every device and connection including firewalls, routers, end points, and cloud devices. Using advanced behavioral detection techniques, Asset Manager builds a baseline of network patterns and alerts security teams when suspicious activities or compliance violations are detected.

  • Real-time network visibility and alerts for environmental changes
  • Discovery and identification of every network asset and connectivity path
  • Complete network and cloud visibility with intuitive and customized network topology maps
  • Increased security with real-time breach detection
  • Threat prevention with vulnerability and leak path detection
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FireMon Policy Analyzer

FireMon Policy Analyzer is a complimentary firewall security posture assessment solution that provides best practices and rule suggestions to reduce policy-related risk. Within minutes, Policy Analyzer shares a diagnostic report outlining the health of a single firewall in your environment, complete with key areas of interest and remediation recommendations.

FireMon Policy Analyzer Delivers:

  • Assessment results available in minutes with no installation, setup, or dedicated hardware
  • Key results including overly permissive, risky access, vendor hardening, and policy quality warnings
  • Validation to see if changes improve diagnostic scores
  • Downloadable reports to dive deeper into the results and share with others
  • Top remediation recommendations based on FireMon’s 20+ years of experience
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FireMon Cloud Defense

FireMon Cloud Defense is a real-time cloud compliance, inventory, misconfiguration, and threat detection solution, now with proactive IAM defense. It provides visibility and control over cloud infrastructure, services, and applications, allowing organizations to proactively identify and address security risks.

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