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The Grand Unified Theory of Cloud Governance

One of the toughest lessons I’ve learned as I’ve spent over a decade of my life helping organizations build…
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Schrödinger’s Misconfigurations

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’re getting ready to leave work a little early because… you can. But then that…
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How to Select a Change Management Solution

The most common threat to business security is accidental firewall and cloud security group misconfiguration…
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Ransomware is in the Cloud

Visibility, monitoring, and collaboration are the keys to identifying and preventing ransomware from breaching your…
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Implications of the AuthN/AuthZ Gap

It’s become common knowledge that in cloud, “identity is the new perimeter”. It’s a nice phrase that’s …
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Goodbye “Kill Chains”, Hello “Attack Sequences”

A few years ago at the RSA Conference I co-presented on the top cloud attack “kill chains”. Shawn Harris…
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3 Steps to Reduce Risk in Your Cloud Environment(s)

Cloud security risk management should be the same as reducing risk on-premise. Yet more than half of …
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Hybrid Cloud Security Best Practices: Top Cloud Security Challenges

Without question, public cloud providers have made the deployment of applications and services simpler …
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Building Security into Your Cloud-First Business

Digital transformation is the overhauling of an entire organization – business model, technologies, processes…