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FireMon Partners with Zscaler to Ensure Security and Compliance across the Entire Hybrid Network

As enterprises move to hybrid-cloud networks, they need more visibility than ever. But, despite the compelling…
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Why We’re Thankful for You – the Network Security Professional

Network security professionals are unsung heroes. Everyday news app visitors won’t read about all the …
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Network Security, Performance & Scalability | NSPM Success

“Agility” has been a buzzword for a lot of years, but only now – as IoT, global supply chains,…
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Firewall Security: Is a Secure, Firewall-less Network Possible? Perhaps, But Why Would You?

Just three years ago, technology headlines were rife with articles stating that the firewall was obsolete and …
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Myth #4: Real-Time Network Visibility Is Impossible

The levels of manual effort put in by security teams involved in reducing risk and completing compliance …
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Adapt to Change: Network Policy Change Management | The 5 Critical Success Factors to Agile NSPM

FireMon looks at the five most important capabilities a network operator must build into their management …
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COMPLIANCE & SECURITY MYTH #3: It’s Better To Block Than To Permit Access

One of the oldest security practices is to “just say no.” Businesses engaged in digital transformation can’t take …
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Integrate Anywhere: API-First Agile Approach | The 5 Critical Success Factors to Agile NSPM

So many security devices. So much sprawl. So little control or consistency. Network operators are swamped …
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See Everything: Continuous Visibility Across Your Hybrid Network – The 5 Critical Success Factors to Real-Time Security Policy Management

We’re in the middle of a business model revolution. Transformation, automation, and globalization are enabled by emerging…