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Prevent Ransomware with Proper Policy Hygiene

Ransomware attacks typically begin with phishing, credential hacks, or taking advantage of open vulnerabilities. Once…
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Ransomware is in the Cloud

Visibility, monitoring, and collaboration are the keys to identifying and preventing ransomware from breaching your…
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Implications of the AuthN/AuthZ Gap

Rich Mogull
It’s become common knowledge that in cloud, “identity is the new perimeter”. It’s a nice phrase that’s …
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Goodbye “Kill Chains”, Hello “Attack Sequences”

A few years ago at the RSA Conference I co-presented on the top cloud attack “kill chains”. Shawn Harris…
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Visibility, Helping Win the Fight Against Ransomware

Organizations are steadily losing tens of millions of dollars to successful ransomware attacks, many of …
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What You Need to Know About Ransomware in AWS

As bad of an issue ransomware is within data centers, I was a bit skeptical that it was much…
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Security is Hard and the Stakes are High

It has been said that cybersecurity is an asymmetric game where the attackers have the advantage. An attacker…
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Ransomware Attacks – The new normal?

Once again, the world is hit with another ransomware attack. Similar to the WannaCry Ransomware …
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Looking Forward to Seeing You at RSA 2022

RSA 2022 is almost here! I’m excited to see many of you face-to-face in just a few weeks in…