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FireMon Receives Coveted TrustRadius Top Rated Award for Three Categories

Reinforces the importance of having a robust security operations environment to safeguard the organizational technology footprint

Overland Park, KS, May 11th, 2022 – FireMon, the leading security policy management company that brings risk reduction, change management, and compliance enforcement to enterprise on-premises and cloud infrastructure, has announced that it has been awarded 3 Top Rated badges by TrustRadius, the most trusted research and review platform. FireMon has been honored with the top-rated award in the Network Security, Firewall Security Management, and Cloud Computing Security Software categories.

To be eligible for the Top Rated award, FireMon needed to collect a large number of reviews while maintaining a high review score, a testament to how the FireMon platform delivers on improving security operations and outcomes for organizations in today’s connected environment.

“FireMon has won three Top Rated awards in the Network Security, Firewall Security Management, and Cloud Computing Security software categories,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “These awards are based entirely on feedback from FireMon’s customers. Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight the scalability of the platform, how easy it is to customize for their own unique use case, and the added security to their hybrid cloud environments.”

FireMon, a scalable and high-performance security operations solution, monitors security policy information in real-time to provide organizations with continuous visibility across their entire network real estate. This reduces the attack surface and eliminates leak paths while ensuring compliance. FireMon delivers the industry’s broadest support for firewalls, devices, and cloud security groups. It offers business and technology leaders a robust and flexible API that integrates compliance checks and policy automation into existing systems and processes.

The FireMon environment dynamically and continuously responds as the business requirements evolve even after policies have been deployed. This is thanks to its robust and flexible architecture that can secure even the largest and most complex networks while maintaining desired workflows.

“FireMon gives organizations visibility into high-risk policies and issues lurking in their infrastructure and prevents them from creating new ones before policies are deployed. Real-time search, ongoing security assessments, and automatic policy violation detection give enterprises the tools essential to manage network security policies across the entire environment, from on-premises data centers to the cloud. The TrustRadius Top Rated badge reinforces the work we have done to create a solution that enables security operators to improve security outcomes,” said Matt Eberhart, COO at FireMon.


About FireMon

FireMon’s mission is to improve security operations that will in turn lead to better security outcomes. FireMon delivers industry-leading security policy management, cloud security operations, and cybersecurity asset management solutions to over 1,700 enterprises in nearly 70 countries. Our security policy management platform is the only real time solution that reduces firewall and cloud security policy-related risks, manages policy changes, and enforces compliance. FireMon’s DisruptOps offering is the only distributed cloud security operations offering that detects and responds to issues in the fast-paced public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. Our cloud-based Lumeta cybersecurity asset management solution can scan an entire enterprise infrastructure, from on-premises networks to the cloud, to identify everything in the environment and provide valuable insights into how it’s all connected together. Learn more at and the FireMon Blog.

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