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FireMon Comes on Board as Sponsor of RSA Conference

Reinforces commitment to continually enhance and strengthen cloud security for today’s digital organizations.

Overland Park, KS, April 24, 2023 — FireMon, the leading network security policy management company that brings visibility, control, and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructure, has today announced it is one of the sponsors of the RSA Conference 2023, which takes place in San Francisco from April 24th to 27th.

The RSA Conference is one of the world’s leading cybersecurity conferences and expositions where the industry convenes and participates in those critical conversations essential to secure businesses, employees, and customers. It’s a key date for many organizations globally that want to keep up to date on all the latest cybersecurity approaches, solutions, technologies, and trends.

“As one of the pioneers in the cybersecurity industry, FireMon is passionate about contributing to the influential discussions taking place in the market. Being a sponsor of the RSA Conference ensures we reinforce the awareness people have of our organization in the market while playing a part in strengthening the cybersecurity landscape,” said Jody Brazil, CEO and Founder of FireMon.

At the conference, FireMon will be announcing several enhancements to its solutions. It will also demonstrate the recently-announced FireMon Cloud Defense solution, which provides real-time cloud compliance, inventory, misconfiguration, and threat detection, as well as FireMon Policy Analyzer, a complimentary firewall security posture assessment that provides best practices and rule suggestions to reduce policy-related risk.

Additionally, FireMon VP of Technology Alliances Tim Woods will talk about ‘Fighting Complexity Across the Hybrid Landscape’ on Wednesday, April 26th at 4:00 PM PDT, while Rich Mogull, SVP of Cloud Security at FireMon, will discuss ‘The Hacker’s Guide to Cloud Governance’ on Tuesday, April 25th at 9:40 AM PDT.

“Cloud adoption is growing tremendously not only in North America but in the rest of the world as well. More companies than ever rely on the cloud to maintain business operations for their hybrid workforces. It’s therefore become imperative for organizations across industry sectors to achieve seamless security at scale,” said Brazil.

However, with misconfigurations still, the leading cause of network breaches, human error at scale is no longer a simple problem. The work FireMon has done to align with the right industry partners across the cloud is paying dividends as the organization injects more robust cloud security automation capabilities into its security management platform to deliver the security operations environment of the future.

FireMon enables organizations to monitor security policy information in real-time for them to have continuous visibility across their entire network real estate. This reduces the attack surface and eliminates leak paths while ensuring compliance.

The FireMon environment dynamically and continuously responds as business requirements evolve even after policies have been deployed. This is thanks to its robust and flexible architecture that can secure even the largest and most complex networks while maintaining desired workflows. FireMon’s real-time search, ongoing security assessments, and automatic policy violation detection give enterprises the tools essential to manage network security policies across the entire environment, from on-premises data centers to the cloud.

FireMon will be at Booth #6365 in the North Expo Hall of the Moscone Center.

About FireMon

FireMon’s mission is to improve security operations that will in turn lead to better security outcomes. FireMon delivers industry-leading security policy management, cloud security operations, and cyber security asset management solutions to over 1,700 enterprises in nearly 70 countries. Our security policy management platform is the only real time solution that reduces firewall and cloud security policy-related risks, manages policy changes, and enforces compliance. FireMon’s Cloud Defense (formerly DisruptOps) offering is the only distributed cloud security operations offering that detects and responds to issues in the fast-paced public cloud environments such as AWS and Azure. Our cloud-based Asset Management solution (formerly Lumeta) can scan an entire enterprise infrastructure, from on-premises networks to the cloud, to identify everything in the environment and provide valuable insights into how it’s all connected together. Learn more at and the FireMon Blog.

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