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Visibility, Helping Win the Fight Against Ransomware

Organizations are steadily losing tens of millions of dollars to successful ransomware attacks, many of which were quietly paid and never made headlines. Ransomware can render your organization frozen and powerless amid a lose-lose situation.

Ideally, you would be able to buy a product and rest assured that your company is protected. Unfortunately, ransomware does not work like that. There is no one-stop shop for ransomware or cyber security.

“For businesses today, the key to combating this growing threat is to deploy a comprehensive ransomware readiness strategy. Ransomware readiness is a team sport, bringing together IT, security, and data protection groups for a diverse collection of preparedness activities which includes hardware, software and services, as well as insurance, readiness testing, employee security awareness training, playbook development, penetration testing, and more,” said Christophe Bertrand, practice director, Enterprise Strategy Group.

When protecting your organization from ransomware attacks, the first step is to fully understand your environment and all that needs to be secured. You cannot protect what you cannot see. It sounds simple enough, but mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and even onboarding remote new hires can significantly and rapidly expand your security team’s responsibilities. If you are not equipped to properly identify, manage, and secure your new assets, they become an immediate liability. Rogue devices within your network are the primary vector for attackers to get in and hold your assets ransom.

Continuous cyber asset management is the key to eliminating rogue devices. Asset discovery tools help prevent initial infiltration by making you fully aware of your entire asset architecture. However, not all asset discovery tools are created equally. Quarterly vulnerability scans do not pacify the need for asset management and discovery and even daily scans are no longer enough. Environments are changing by the minute, making it crucial that your security team is always aware of everything within your network.

FireMon’s Cyber Asset Management solution continuously scans and discovers the entire network infrastructure for every device and connection including firewalls, routers, end points, and cloud and IoT devices. Cyber Asset Management can scan over a million IP addresses in under four hours and seamlessly integrates with nearly all CMDB, vulnerability scanners, data lakes, and incident and IP management tools, providing you with a single pane of glass detailing all of your assets.

FireMon’s Cyber Asset Management continuously brings rogue assets into your security architecture, giving you complete, uninterrupted visibility. Other asset discovery tools require a person to initiate asset discovery searches, wasting precious time and leaving assets vulnerable. Cyber Asset Management, formerly Lumeta, has been around for over 22 years, and is used by many Fortune 500 companies. It is largely recognized for its consistency, scalability, and reliability. On average, Cyber Asset Management finds 30-70% more assets than our competitors, which is potentially thousands of unprotected devices waiting to become an attack vector for ransomware.

Essentially, there are many security solutions that can help thwart successful ransomware attacks, but you must know what you are protecting in order to protect it. A solid cyber asset management solution will benefit your organization as it relates to ransomware prevention and a

myriad of other security tasks. With this tool, your network is fully illuminated and you are empowered to assert a security posture on any rogue devices. That visibility, in and of itself, will help you win the fight against ransomware and many other cyber threats.

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