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Visibility & Compliance for an Expanding Multi-Vendor Environment

Already running into bottlenecks with their current security policy management solution and facing both a cloud migration project and expanding environment, the organization knew they had to seek a best-in-class solution to meet compliance requirements. Security policy management from FireMon provided the visibility, control, and automation necessary to efficiently manage their entire current and future environment.

Industry: Public Sector


Estimated efficiency gain from automating firewall support operations


Policy enforcement points managed from a single console


Visibility and control of their recently added virtual firewalls

The Challenge

Lack of visibility across an expanding hybrid, multi-vendor environment comprising security solutions from Cisco, Fortinet and AWS, made policy management difficult and time consuming. Additionally, migrating from Cisco ASAs to virtual Palo Alto Networks devices required numerous incremental management consoles with their current security policy management provider. The organization
needed to:

  • Migrate from physical to virtual firewall devices without adding new management consoles
  • Increase visibility and streamline policy management of their complex environment
  • Meet PCI and HIPAA compliance

About the Company

A large municipal fire and rescue department located on the east coast of North America.

The Solution

With FireMon’s security policy management solution, the organization gained real-time visibility, control, and management capabilities for all network security devices across its hybrid, multi-vendor environment.

  • A single console for unified policy visibility and management of policy enforcement points from multiple vendors
  • FireMon’s integration with ServiceNow provided context-aware change automation with Policy Planner
  • Policy standardization and automation tools simplified and decreased the time to create and deploy rules

“As the complexity and number of devices in our network grew, so did the frustration with our previous solution. FireMon’s single management console, open-API access, and change automation capabilities are not only allowing us to manage policy more efficiently across our entire hybrid environment, but also do things we couldn’t before. All while ensuring we meet both PCI and HIPAA compliance.”

Network EngineerManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • 100% PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • 40% efficiency gain from automating firewall support operations
  • 100% visibility and control of their recently added virtual firewalls
  • The ability to push mass rule changes to individual device groups without adding more complexity with new layers of management consoles

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