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Continuous PCI DSS Compliance

After years of enduring painful manual processes to produce compliance audit reports and manage multi-vendor firewall rules, FireMon’s NSPM solutions reduced operational costs and enhanced a leading international retailer’s security and compliance posture.


Less time required for PCI DSS compliance reviews


Set of network security policies across hybrid-cloud environment


Reduction in time to create and deploy new firewall rules

The Challenge

A rapid growth in online sales put pressure on the company’s security and network teams to build a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that could meet the needs of the business and ensure they were accurately meeting compliance requirements. They needed to reduce the number of firewall vendors used while migrating new and replacement devices to cloud-based services in their hybrid environment. Their mix of manual processes and spreadsheet-based tools couldn’t keep pace with these new demands.

  • Complexity of current processes was unable to handle the migration from 9 firewall vendors down to 4
  • Lack of visibility and consistency hindered the deployment of cloud-based services to replace end-of-life firewalls
  • Manual compliance reporting was taking more time, with more errors, and was cutting it close to deadlines
  • New applications were regularly delayed due to firewall rule set up across various firewall platforms

About the Company

A US-based Fortune 500 footwear retailer with thousands of retail stores in nearly 30 countries, along with numerous e-commerce websites and mobile apps. The company operates a portfolio of well-known athletic footwear and other athletic-related brands.

The Solution

FireMon’s combination of network security policy orchestration and risk management tools delivered a comprehensive solution that pulled their existing firewall platforms together with their cloud services into a single management console. This unified view delivered visibility across their entire infrastructure and gave them control to instantly deploy policy changes accurately and uniformly across every device in use.

  • Standardized firewall rule policy management across the company’s data centers and Azure cloud environments
  • Preconfigured control sets and scheduling for ad hoc and automated PCI DSS compliance reporting
  • Automated policy audits that validate internal control compliance monthly
  • Compliance and security impact assessments of proposed rule changes
  • Workflows automatically route rule requests to approvers based on internal and compliance policies

“FireMon came out on top for a number of reasons. It provides visibility across multiple different platforms for consolidated and consistent views that make ruleset management possible and really simplify migrations between platforms. FireMon’s analytical tools give us a way to quickly evaluate rules against standardized controls and KPIs, and its automated PCI DSS assessments help ensure we meet regulatory compliance.”

Security ArchitectManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • Reduced time spent creating PCI audits by 50%
  • A single set of firewall policy rules across the entire environment from the data center to the cloud
  • 90% reduction in the time to test, approve and deploy new firewall policies
  • Reduced risk of human error by eliminating manual processes for rule set up and compliance reporting
  • Automated rule recertification ensures meeting mandated audit frequency
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