FireMon + Cisco ACI

Streamline Cisco’s abilities to discover and manage security policies across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

Simplify Application Connectivity and Policy Management

The Cisco ACI + FireMon Advantage

  • Error Reduction
    Use automation to reduce the chances of misconfigurations caused by human error
  • Enhanced Filtering
    Apply traffic filtering granularly at the application level
  • Global Visibility and Control
    Gain 100% visibility across your entire hybrid environment
  • Centralized Control
    Use a single platform for on-premises, virtual/software-defined networks, and cloud
  • Secure Deployment
    Deploy and/or migrate applications and workloads securely
  • Cross-Platform Access Management
    Manage access and control privileges to SDN and on-premises workloads
  • Accelerated Rule Creation
    Rapidly create rules to manage devices inside and outside the data center
  • Microsegmentation Enablement
    Create and modify firewall rules to support microsegmentation and application connectivity

Unleash the full potential of Cisco ACI

Additional Resources

Cisco Integration Brief

Cisco Integration Brief

While Cisco ACI itself is built to support application agility and data center automation, FireMon can further reinforce security controls in the environment through dynamic policy management and automation.

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