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Real-time Visibility and Continuous Compliance

One of the world’s largest enterprises needed to gain real-time visibility into its complex global network and modernize policy management to improve agility and ensure compliance with stringent regional standards.

Use Cases

Enforce Compliance

Industry: Energy


Increased efficiency in policy change processes


Faster compliance reporting


Visibility into 300 firewalls and 500 routers & switches

The Challenge

The company wanted to be first to address a national initiative for improved cybersecurity, which called for near-continuous compliance. Standing in the way was poor visibility into a hybrid network of 300 firewalls and 500 network devices, manual processes to manage network policies, and minimal rule documentation. The inability to assess rule changes in real-time jeopardized compliance by hindering recertification and audit preparations.

The company sought to:

  • Automate network security management
  • Significantly increase visibility, fully orchestrate policy and rule management and recertification
  • Accelerate compliance reviews
  • Automate and streamline the company’s unique workflows

About the Company

A top 10 Fortune Global 500 petroleum and natural gas company.

The Solution

With FireMon’s network security policy management solutions, the company gained real-time visibility, integrated policy planning, management, and optimization. Orchestration APOs enabled centralized management of Cisco, Palo Alto, and Juniper Network devices as well as integration with BMC Remedy and the company’s ERP system to enable change-management workflows.

  • Real-time compliance assessments
  • Automated rule review and recertification, and documentation of rule recertification
  • 100% real-time visibility, control, and management of all policies for all network security devices
  • Proactive compliance checks and auto-denial of changes that violate compliance standards

“Implementing FireMon's NSPM solution was a game-changer for our infrastructure, seamlessly ensuring compliance while providing unparalleled visibility and control.”

Manager of IT Security EngineeringManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • Real-time visibility allowing traffic flow analysis and provides clarity around policy enforcement and network traffic behavior
  • Automated policy management and workflow orchestration streamline and accelerate rule provisioning
  • Rule review from days to minutes

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