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“All-in-one firewall compliance and reporting that really works!”



Product Used:

Security Manager

Company Size:

201-500 employees

Reviewed By:

Howard Wall
Senior Security Engineer, Alkami Technology

FireMon Customer Story independently sourced by TrustRadius

Why Howard needed FireMon

“As the complexity of our environment has increased, we found it difficult to audit our firewalls and keep track of changes. Most importantly was the compliance aspect. Traditionally this has been done with a manual review, but as we have added firewalls and from different vendors, this had become a time-consuming process that was unsustainable.”

How Howard uses FireMon

“With FireMon we are able to continually audit our firewalls and flag any issues that would cause a problem with a security audit. The initial remediation was difficult, but we are now able to quickly identify any issues and get them remediated quickly.”

What Howard likes most about FireMon

“The ability to create custom reports or to use the pre-built templates was a very nice feature for us. We are always confident that we are compliant across the organization with the reporting that FireMon provides.”

What Howard has achieved with FireMon

“FireMon has greatly increased the accuracy of changes and reduced the risk of planned changes (3 incidents in over 27,000 change tickets, most with multiple policy changes in each, is a stellar record).”

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““You can have multiple nodes to distribute the load and grow as you need. We found that our initial setup went beyond what we initially needed, but we were able to see the increasing load and plan accordingly to add resources and nodes to handle the additional firewalls.””

Howard WallSenior Security Engineer, Alkami Technology

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