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100% Asset Visibility & Discovery

A banking operation with a massive global footprint due in part to acquisitions and mergers needed to enumerate and validate every asset on its sprawling infrastructure.

FireMon provided the visibility and automation necessary to dramatically increase the security posture of the organization’s worldwide infrastructure.

Industry: Finance


IP spaces scanned daily


Previously unknown devices identified


IP addresses with real-time visibility

The Challenge

Inadequate visibility into networks of previously and newly acquired banks resulted in the inability to make security decisions, thereby increasing the organization’s attack surface and potential risk.

The company sought to:

  •  Gain real-time global network visibility and a complete view of all assets across their multi-vendor environment
  • Eliminate 100% of infrastructure blind spots
  • Identify differences between perception vs reality and compare known information to discovery data
  • Supplement existing vulnerability management systems which lacked records for tens of thousands of devices
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About the Company

One of the largest and most established American banking and financial services firms with nearly $2 trillion worth of assets under management.

The Solution

FireMon Asset Manager enabled real-time discovery and visibility of thousands of previously undetected assets across the organization’s sprawling, multivendor global infrastructure.

  • Automated asset refresh scans
  • Total network infrastructure inventory including switches, router pathing, and policy enforcement points
  • Detailed topology mapping of network and assets before infrastructure is added
  • Monitoring for every network and endpoint add/drop or path change

“With the rate we were acquiring companies and adding to our corporate network, manually reducing the number of devices not visible to our existing vulnerability scanner just wasn’t possible. With FireMon, we discovered a high number of previously unknown devices and have an accurate and reliable accounting of assets.”

Networking LeadManaging the selection and deployment of FireMon


  • 17 million+ IP spaces scanned daily
  • Real-time visibility to 300,000+ IP addresses
  • Identified 10,000+ previously unknown devices
  • Reduced risk by eliminating infrastructure blind spots
  • Graphical representation of all devices and connections within and external to the network​
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