Change Management

Real-time security policy change management

Change Repository

Change is constant – especially in the realm of network access and protection, where emerging business requirements demand continual adjustment of defenses. FireMon allows organizations to analyze, map and carry out configuration changes with full visibility into resulting conditions.

With FireMon Security Manager, staff is no longer forced to create one-off assessments or meld together multiple tools to understand the impact of change on the entirety of security device protection. With the ability to run impact assessments before changes are made, without demanding significant time or computing resources, network and security teams can scope the entire outcome of proposed change to measure resulting IT risk implications, offer feedback to management and plan any resulting remediation.

Further, by logging all changes to security infrastructure on a continuous basis and automatically alerting any staff responsible for affected devices, assets or policies, Security Manager creates a full end-to-end closed loop lifecycle process that drives down exposure over time and allows for constant refinement of IT risk management.