Security Manager 8.0 Architecture – Unmatched Enterprise Scalability

When FireMon made the strategic decision to rebuild its industry-leading platform architecture, the goal was not simply to keep pace with others in the market today, but to further establish Security Manager as the only solution of choice for enterprise class organizations.

In achieving this […]

Next-Generation Management for NGFW Polices

At FireMon, our core value lies in the intelligent interpretation of the configurations and events from devices on the network that apply policies. Understanding these concepts gives our customers a better picture of the true state of security in their environment. From that interpretation, we […]

Security Manager 8.0 KPIs – Actionable Security Management Intelligence

Anyone who attended the RSA Conference 2015 last week in San Francisco likely found themselves overwhelmed by the presence of security intelligence.

Whether it was the palpable human intellect present in the Moscone or all the security solutions positioned around the term “intelligence” on the show […]

Advanced Visibility: Introducing Security Manager 8.0

As we power through the excitement and unrelenting pace of RSA Conference 2015 this week in San Francisco, the larger theme for FireMon, as always, centers on advancing visibility in the network.

With the annual industry confab running in full swing, we’re engaged in all the […]

Channeling Excellence – FireMon’s DeBell Extends Win Streak

While at least one epic winning streak ended over the weekend as Kentucky lost its bid to conquer the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, FireMon’s Ignite Partner Program and Vice President of Channels Todd DeBell continue to rack up the titles.

Earlier today, IT channel experts once […]

Numbers Don’t Lie – The Firewall’s State is Secure

As my view of network security is grounded in my experience as a real-world practitioner I’ve always sought to back opinions with qualitative research, even when the evidence seems perfectly clear.

That said, when we hatched the idea of launching a new survey aimed at discerning […]

Next (Generation) Steps: Expanding Firewall Context

Wikipedia: “A firewall is a network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on applied rule sets.”

This generic firewall definition is independent of the technology used to control network traffic between trust levels. Firewalls deploy a variety of […]

Network Operation: Developing a Smarter Security Framework

As any network operator can attest, the words “firewall” and “security appliance” carry multiple connotations; some of which are flattering and others that are… not.

That being said, developing scalable and feature driven security devices is a difficult task, especially while trying to provide the […]

Future Considerations: Software Defined

If Software Defined Networking (SDN) becomes the open ubiquitous technology that I think it will, everything changes.

That sounds dramatic, but I believe that SDN will change many aspects of how we deploy and manage networks. It also creates a completely new paradigm for security […]

Viral Video: Of Access Control, Hyper-Segmentation and Vendor Viability

Even after a handful of insightful blog posts from a wide range of experts, along with some related research, the question still looms large: what is the future of the firewall?

In this installment of the series we switch over to podcast/video mode, with FireMon Founder […]