Do you have a sample set of commonly useful searches that I can start with?

Immediate Insight allows you to search any words or entities that you wish, many of which will be specific to your needs and environment. However it can be helpful to have a starting point of common search terms that are applicable to many situations. The Immediate Insight Pinboard allows you to organize sets of bookmarked searches for easier viewing. Attached please find a sample Pinboard of searches, sometimes referred to as negative sentiment words, that gives you a starting point. You can easily edit this and/or create additional Pinboards of your own.

To import the Pinboard into your Immediate Insight system:

  • Download, then un-zip the file below (resulting file has .ii file extension)
  • Log into the Immediate Insight GUI
  • Go to Data Flow -> Import screen. Drag and Drop your .ii file to ‘Import as Blobs’
  • Click the Immediate Insight icon in the top left hand corner of the GUI, then the Computer Icon below.
  • Click the ‘Situations to Watch’ link (if you don’t see it the link, swipe the screen to the left)
  • For a further tutorial on how to build and navigate Pinboards you can watch this video –

Other sample Pinboards are also available for more specific use cases.

For further assistance with Pinboards please contact [email protected].