Three Reasons for Better Firewall Management

Jody Brazil

In between checking out the latest anti-ATP solution, monitoring your cloud-based endpoint security and fine tuning your written policy on the use of social networks on the office LAN, what are you doing regarding managing your firewalls? While some may see it as mundane, managing your firewalls is still probably the single most important task you can undertake to improve your security.

Why do you want better management for your firewalls? Here are the three biggest reasons:

    • Access Control – There is in fact no better access control technology you can use. Great firewall management  is the key to controlling access of people, places and programs.

    • GRC – Governance and compliance demand auditable reporting. Great firewall management can provide you and your team with the insight and reporting you need to demonstrate your compliance.

    • Visibility into Your Environment – Do you know how many firewall rules you have? Why they are there? As your environment grows, so does its complexity.  Knowing how it is set up and what potential changes could bring is vital in today’s interconnected network environments.

    So while everyone wants to play with their shiny new toys, managing your firewalls and policies is vital.  It is the reason that I helped design what became FireMon almost 10 years ago at FishNet Security. It is the reason that I became the President and CTO of FireMon.

    FireMon was the first company to offer enterprise-grade firewall management. Back then it was Cisco PIX and Checkpoint. Today, we have new offerings and next gen firewalls like Palo Alto. But FireMon still does the same vital job.

    So before going out and burning up a bunch of cycles on the shiny new penny, take a look at what you are doing about the linchpin of your defense — your firewall management.

    We will be writing, speaking and discussing this in greater detail in the weeks and months ahead.  Stay tuned!