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Why We’re Thankful for You – the Network Security Professional

Network security professionals are unsung heroes. Everyday news app visitors won’t read about all the wonderful work you’re doing. On occasion, they’ll only see and read about fellow professionals having the worst days of their lives. But while the headlines stay away, FireMon sees you as you continue to make the world go round…securely. Which is why this Thanksgiving we are thankful you are:

  • Protecting our identities from online fraud and making sure that we don’t just click on that link selling a $1 television on Black Friday.
  • Ensuring the safety of physical equipment so that we can use an ATM or a gas pump safely without incident and without feeling like we have been hit by the Attack of the Clones.
  • Securing utilities so we can flip a switch and the lights come on and getting our own bills, as opposed to paying for the neighborhood.
  • Keeping the GPS in our cars in check so that we don’t pop in Ohio and land up in Florida.
  • Securing our mobile devices so grandma can keep playing Candy Crush and we can access our work and personal apps in the same place.
  • Holding the hands of shippers as you help them deliver packages safely and letting us make last minute delivery changes securely on online portals.
  • Keeping a check on our medical information so that we don’t end up finding that we have been cloned and our data is all over the dark web.
  • Helping businesses secure the data of their customers, staff, and consumers, while avoiding costly leaks that can put our favorite sneaker store out of business.

The list of the daily challenges you face is endless and so is your tireless work. No wonder on occasion you feel like the little boy with his finger in the dyke – keeping a literal sea of threats at bay by plugging a single hole. From all of us at FireMon, we salute you! We know the sheer volume of security threats you keep at bay each day, so this Thanksgiving… The FireMon Family is thankful for you!

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