What is Security Manager 8.0

FireMon Security Manager addresses the inherent complexity and changing requirements of today’s enterprise networks by providing continuous visibility into network security devices and policies. A scalable architecture and intuitive user interface ensure that security practitioners in any enterprise have the actionable data they need to quickly adapt defenses to changing business needs and emerging threats.

Security Manager Version 8 has been optimized to address the three biggest challenges of firewall management:

  • Cleanup – Analyze firewall configurations to identify hidden, shadowed or overly permissive rules.
  • Compliance – Validate firewall policies against regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS 3.0.
  • Change – Automate policy change workflow and scope the impact of proposed changes.

What’s new in Version 8?

Advanced User Interface

  • KPI Dashboard Widgets – See your network at a glance with analysis, trending and key performance indicator widgets on your dashboard.
  • Web-Based Platform – Access all the features and data found in the desktop version of Security Manager from your favorite web browser.
  • Predictive Omni Search – Quickly search all devices within the enterprise domain from a single place in the application.

Expanded Scalability

  • Horizontal Data Analysis Architecture – The new architecture splits application modules out onto their own servers, improving performance efficiencies and scalability.
  • Enhanced Traffic Flow Analysis (TFA) – Evaluate network traffic behavior – down to the application level – to isolate overly permissive configurations and reduce gaps in protection.
  • Advanced Network Map Visualization – View and interact with highly complex environments or segmentations using FireMon Access Path Analysis and Network Map Visualization.

Strategic Capabilities

  • Next-Generation Firewalls – Reverse application engineering capabilities ease migration to next-gen systems and enhances monitoring of advanced firewalls.
  • PCI DSS 3.0 – Expanded compliance auditing and automated workflow for rules recertification address new PCI DSS requirements.
  • IPv6 – Full IPv6 support across all features, functions and reporting, including dedicated IPv6 address search and IPv6-specific Traffic Flow Analysis.

Increased Flexibility

  • Device Pack SDKs – Create device packs to integrate emerging technologies directly into Security Manager.
  • Application Clustering – Take advantage of multiple host resources to increase systems performance.
  • BPMN 2.0 Systems Integration – Additional integration with ticketing systems like Remedy, ServiceNow and more.