What we’re looking forward to at VMworld 2018

Tim Woods

Every year, it seems like we joke that the summer might be a little slower in terms of events, and while July usually is, we get to August and within a few weeks we have Black Hat and VMworld, both in Las Vegas. Those are two massive trade shows for the security industry, you’re on your feet virtually the whole time, and you make a boatload of interesting contacts and connections. Great, exhausting, worth it.

This year, we’ll probably be spending a good chunk of time in the Data Center/Cloud track.  Within that track (and the broader conference), our team is thinking along a few different lines:

First: Cloud security does not have to be a mystery. Our clients have expressed concerns about limited cloud visibility and uncertainty on whether security controls are adequately protecting their data. FireMon recognizes we live in a hybrid world where equal security visibility is paramount for both on-premise and cloud implementations. Knowledge of policy behavior for virtualized cloud security instances should be equal to that of physical enforcement points in a data center. At FireMon, our commitment remains to provide absolute real-time confidence that your security controls are well understood, compliant and managed whether in the cloud or the data center.

Second: the role of automation. Automation for compliance is not just for meeting all the various regulatory compliance mandates an organization may be subject to; rather, if implemented correctly, a dynamic compliance solution can become the technical enforcement arm of a company’s written security policies.  Automating security intent, business intent, and compliance intent — around a company’s most critical data resources in today’s virtualized landscape — must be top of mind for many C-level security directors.

Logistics: We’ll be at Booth 1626. Come on by! We’ve got a great mix of executives, sales resources, and technical resources (our sales engineers), so there’s any number of different perspectives to get on our product suite. To see how FireMon supports VMware NSX, read our solution brief prior to the show. If you’re rushing to make a flight and just want the bullets, well, (a) we’ve all been there and (b) we provide NSX users with:

  • A holistic, enterprise-level view of the firewalls you have under management.
  • A number of analysis tools that read data down to the application, object, and user level to help optimize your firewall policies.
  • The capability to perform automated, continuous and real-time assessments of the entire network security infrastructure according to your specific  requirements or industry regulations and best practices.

Hope to see you out in Las Vegas next week!