Welcoming FortyCloud to the FireMon Product Portfolio


I’m excited to announce FireMon’s recent acquisition of FortyCloud. In addition to a great product and technology, there is also a great team behind it. I’m very excited to work with Amit (CEO) and Amir (CTO) and everyone else that has helped develop and grow the company.

Since its inception, FireMon’s mission has been to improve security by enabling administrators to better manage the complexity of their network security infrastructure. More and more, companies are shifting to cloud infrastructures, like AWS or Azure, which offer a compelling business case of economic and technology flexibility.

In addition, the software-defined infrastructure enables incredible flexibility and reduced time to market for application owners. But it also presents new challenges and complexity for enterprise security teams to manage. Addressing this complexity with improved visibility and consistent management is the primary driver behind this acquisition.

FireMon has already been helping enterprises manage their cloud security groups with a consistent policy platform in Security Manager, providing change reporting, compliance assessment and policy analysis capabilities. Managing these environments in a consistent way along with the rest of the security infrastructure has helped our customers reduce the complexity associated with cloud adoption.

The FortyCloud platform takes this a step further, helping address common challenges associated with adoption of public cloud infrastructure including:

  • Secure connectivity between multi-cloud environments and enterprise networks
  • Identity access management and two-factor authentication for remote access to cloud resources
  • Abstraction of cloud platforms for consistent policy enforcement

These proven solutions are meeting the needs of their current customers and just the beginning of the vision we share for a dynamic security management platform for virtual networks.

And, this is just the beginning!