Removing the “NO!” from innovation

In the digital age, many see the risk of not getting new application services or changes to market fast enough equal to or greater than the risk of a costly breach.  While most security teams don’t want to put the ‘no’ in innovation, they are challenged to keep up with a significant increase in change requests, number of devices to manage and the stress of improving SLAs allowing modern app developers the ability to release new services in a timely fashion.

To get ahead, enterprises must orchestrate security processes and automate mundane security tasks. When you talk about security automation, it means different things to different people. Does this mean that organizations should automate everything immediately? And, even if they want to: could they?

Automation of global security policy management gives security teams parity with the speed of business innovation. In this webcast we will cover:

  • Triggers of automation (response to: 1) a new app or service, 2) routine changes in an app or a service, 3) a new security threat)
  • Use cases for automation in policy management (e.g., automating gold standard best practices or global overarching rules, and rapid approval processes to ensure speed of deployment)
  • How an automated global security policy management framework can help organizations leverage innovation without introducing security and compliance risk