How to Prove Your Firewalls Actually Do What You Intend

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About this webinar

In this webinar, we will explore what it takes to test your firewalls and prove they actually do what you intend. We aren’t talking about a simple pentest or vulnerability scan from the Internet. And in this session, I’ll explain why that is insufficient.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

Identifying the various zones on your network that put boundaries on traffic.

Choosing the target zones to test and the vantage points to test from. With firewalls testing, the vantage point is just as important as the target. But with a network of any size you can’t really hope to test every combination of test and vantage point – it’s not a so-called NP-Complete problem but the impact is the same – you have to be satisfied with results from a finite amount of effort, so prioritization is important.

Tools to speed up firewall testing.

How to test firewall policy without touching the actual hosts behind the firewall.

Understanding and avoiding false test results caused by dependencies on host configuration external to the firewall policy.

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