Drive Innovation with a Strong Security Posture

About this webinar
Learn how to balance speed + security in your organization. Businesses today must move at digital speeds. Going head-to-head with digital native competitors, enterprises have to evolve rapidly in areas ranging from time to market to product quality and features to business model innovation.

This puts intense pressure on IT and security organizations—often burdened with legacy systems—to deliver unprecedented business agility. At the same time, regulatory requirements are growing almost as fast as cyberattacks and cyberthreats. How do you balance the risk of not getting new application services or changes to market fast enough against the risk of a breach?

FireMon gives IT and security teams innovative ways to move at velocity without sacrificing an iota of security. FireMon uses automation that fits into your existing models and processes, so you can make incremental changes internally while your business acts disruptively in the marketplace.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Automated responses for triggers such as a new app or service, routine changes in an app or a service, or new security threats
  • Use cases for automation in policy management (e.g., automating gold standard best practices, global overarching rules, and rapid approval processes to ensure speed of deployment)
    •How automation can help you leverage innovation without introducing security and compliance risk