5 Steps to Comprehensively Mapping Your Attack Surface

You need to understand all the potential pathways malicious traffic could possibly take through your network – including obscure and indirect paths that don’t immediately look risky or valuable to an attacker. Moreover, you need to be able to juxtapose that network topology and path analysis with your host level security vulnerabilities.

In this real training for free session, we will examine 5 steps for accomplishing this:

  • Validate address space
  • Quantify edges of network
  • Perform path analysis
  • Conduct host/device census
  • Identify device/host level vulnerabilities

Join us to explore all of these steps and then how to juxtapose and overlay all of this information into a comprehensive, multi-dimensional attack surface.

FireMon is the perfect sponsor for this event and Scott Custer will show you how their unique technology, Lumeta, provides real-time visibility, vulnerability indicators, and risk identification enabling cloud, network, and security teams to find and secure unknown, rogue and shadow IT, network infrastructure, and endpoints.