Cracking the Code to Continuous Compliance

Remove the Guesswork

This year a tightening of risk and compliance budgets, regulatory change, and the possibility of increasing personal liability all provided evidence of a cyclical turn from the post-financial crisis years. Regulators continue to issue a flurry of revisions to rules, and firms are asking for the postponement of various regulatory initiatives so they can focus on managing events.

The most significant compliance challenges boards expect to face are balancing budgets in the face of increasing compliance costs, the volume of regulatory change and managing continuous compliance standards in the front of constant technology innovation.

Security compliance audits are getting a lot of coverage these days thanks to standards such as SOX, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. If a specific compliance standard isn’t on your radar, business relationships with partners or customers may require you to prove that your network is secure.

Join our FireMon experts to learn:

How the rising cost of compliance affects your bottom line
The five steps to ensure your firewall audit readiness
How to achieve continuous compliance through automation

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