Building Resilience and Agility for Post-COVID Operations

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Security misconfigurations can be prevented during and after a crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a fast-paced shift to remote work and cloud acceleration, leaving networks exposed.

Manual processes and reactive changes cause misconfigurations, such as incorrect and unused access permissions and overly permissive rules, leading to more network vulnerabilities.

Join our expert speakers, Brian Littlefair, Former CISO of Vodafone and Aviva, and FireMon Security Experts for an on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 to network security
  • The top three misconfigurations that cause data breaches
  • How policy automation increases security agility, maximises operational efficiency and saves money
  • How to build resilience by automating change processes

Build network security resilience and agility. Watch now.

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Expert Speakers:

  • Andrew Lintell
  • Bryan Littlefair
    Bryan Littlefair
    Former Global CISO
    Aviva and Vodafone

  • Nilesh Mapara
    Senior Solutions Architect

  • Kostas Lotsis
    Senior Sales Engineer