Viral Video: Of Access Control, Hyper-Segmentation and Vendor Viability

Even after a handful of insightful blog posts from a wide range of experts, along with some related research, the question still looms large: what is the future of the firewall?

In this installment of the series we switch over to podcast/video mode, with FireMon Founder and CEO Jody Brazil joined by leading industry expert and Securosis Analyst Mike Rothman to discuss and debate the matter at hand. (Click link to view video)

Will firewalls break out of the box? How will the trend toward hyper-segmentation influence the process? And where does the added capability of the NGFW model factor into it all? Importantly, will the leading firewall providers of today advance their capabilities to address tomorrow’s requirements, or be replaced by someone else?

These are just a few of the issues that Jody and the ever-outspoken Mr. Rothman bring to the table.

After you’ve watched the video on YouTube, we hope that you’ll head back to the blog to offer your comments or contradictions.

Do these guys have the answers or does the debate introduce even more questions to consider?

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