With access awareness, truly understand real-world risk

For years organizations have employed vulnerability scanners, pen testing and a litany of proactive measures aimed at identifying and fixing existing weaknesses before they could be exploited, but with FireMon Security Manager and knowledge of proven access, finally IT risks benefit from full context.

While assigning criticality to discovered vulnerabilities using industry lexicons and weighting of underlying assets has been useful, Security Manager’s ability to identify every available path of network access shines a light on those assets that are actually most vulnerable to attack. Organizations have often misspent efforts patching issues that were already mitigated by effective security controls, while unprotected problems were left exposed.

By integrating Security Manager directly with leading industry scanners and gaining the full context of vulnerability nature, underlying assets and exposure to potential attack, enterprises now have the ability to rapidly seek out the issues they should prioritize first and markedly reduce real-world IT risk.

Related Vulnerability Risk Management Features of FireMon

Vulnerability Prioritization

Vulnerability Prioritization

Leverage network-wide visibility into your existing firewall policies to prioritize mitigation based on current access levels.

Service Risk Analysis

Calculate and assess the comparative level of security risk associated with your existing firewall policies to prioritize improvement.

Network Mapping

View and interact with highly complex environments using FireMon Access Path Analysis and network Map Visualization.