Firewall policies almost always grow in size and complexity over time, as change takes its toll on the existing rule base and unseen exposures emerge with the loss of visibility and control. Even when organizations remain dedicated to staying abreast of change, unseen issues and minor oversights can result in perilous conditions.

FireMon Security Manager continuously seeks out any hidden or conflicting device rules, identifying those that are outdated, and highlighting those that have become overly complex, so problems can be identified before they lead to exposures.

By taking a more comprehensive, hands-on approach to security device infrastructure management, yet doing so via adoption of automated assessment and remediation intelligence [PDF], organizations can reduce IT risk and improve protection, while simplifying compliance. In addition, this keeps network performance optimized, which further enables core business efforts.

Firewall Policy Cleanup Process

Related Policy Cleanup Features of FireMon

Find Unused Rules

Identify any unused rules and objects in existing policies to prevent unseen gaps in defense and reduce unnecessary complexity.

Locate Hidden Rules

Discover hidden and redundant rules that make your policies less effective – reducing complexity and informing proper documentation.

Rule Documentation

Identify and document every rule in your existing firewall policies to achieve and report on compliance requirements.