Scalability for Managed Security Services Providers Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) face the dual challenge of reassuring customers not only that the network security responsibilities they account for are being handled effectively, but also that each client is addressed as its own “walled garden” with no opportunity for attack crossover or shared data corruption.

FireMon Security Manager continues to serve as a leading platform for network security services delivered by the world’s leading MSSPs, with added capabilities for ensuring that virtual partitions exist between the data in one customer’s repository can never be influenced by any of the firm’s other workers. With expanded capabilities for establishing and enforcing unique zones and boundaries among accounts, and even more flexible real-time analysis and reporting, Security Manager boasts more of the enforcement systems required by today’s MSSPs [PDF] to keep their clients satisfied.

Providing constant, real-time availability of enterprise-wide analysis allows MSSPs to spend more of their time addressing potential risks in customers’ IT infrastructure and minimizing real-world risk than worrying about their own backbone and operational defenses.

With FireMon, MSSP teams have the tools to work smarter and provide customers with management transparency and accountability via:

  • A distributed architecture that scales to manage thousands of devices.
  • A permissions model that ensures each customer has visibility of only their devices, along with appropriate levels of functionality.
  • Change comparison reports that identify differences between two (or several) configurations over time, showing how requests are implemented properly.
  • Rule documentation that collects and stores important data about each rule in use, including the specific business owner, expiration date and approver.
  • Web portal integration through an API or pre-built portal applets designed for integration with MSS portals, supporting single sign-on authentication.