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Our Approach to Intelligent Security Management

We know that enterprise security teams are under more pressure than ever. Networks are growing more complex as are the compliance regulations keeping them in check. Attacks are increasing in both volume and frequency, creating an avalanche of threat data that’s impossible to keep up with. To stay on top of it all, while also meeting the demands of the business, requires more than just the right tools and people. It requires more intelligent management.

Intelligent Security Management from FireMon provides the automation and intelligence tools to help network and security teams analyze policies, changes, compliance, risk and data close the gap.

Visibility and Monitoring Management
Security Management at the Speed of Business

Speed or security? It’s a tradeoff we don’t believe you need to make.

With industry-leading security assessments and automation, FireMon can help streamline operations and maximize resources so you’re positioned to take advantage of new service offerings and technologies with confidence.

Security Risk Management: Minimize Your Attack Surface

You can’t solve a problem you can’t see.

Today’s networking environments are so complex, it’s difficult to know where you might be exposed.

Actionable, contextual intelligence drives our risk reduction capabilities, giving you a clear picture of policy compliance and risk exposure.

Threat Detection & Response: Respond to Threats Faster

You’ve got the data. Now what do you do with it?

The frequency of cyberattacks is growing and so is the data generated by the network defenses in place to stop them.

Make sense of it all in time to stop the next attack with automated assembly and correlation of your complex security data.


Manage Security at the Speed of Business

The complex nature of enterprise networks is cumbersome to manage, to say the least. Their scale and diversity makes it difficult to gain control or make changes with the speed required by modern business. Security operations teams often get caught in the middle – prioritize the SLA at the expense of security or focus on security and risk becoming a bottleneck the whole operation. 

FireMon understands the predicament facing today’s SecOps teams and offers management solutions that take both speed and security into account, enabling you to:

  • Maintain a consistent, global view of the entire network security infrastructure
  • Make changes that are secure and responsive to business demands
  • Maximize team efficiency and effectiveness
  • Scale your network with confidence

How We Do It

Security Assessments
Pre-built and custom assessments that allow you to understand your security posture as it relates to your business priorities and corporate policies.

Automated Change
Customizable workflow platform that automates rule design, review and implementation and integrates with enterprise ticketing systems.

Automated Compliance
Automation of manual tasks associated with auditing and documenting firewall rules for compliance with internal best practices or regulatory requirements.

Our Customers See Results
reduction in time spent assessing firewalls
reduction in unnecessary change requests
reduction in time to complete audit reporting

Minimize Your Attack Surface

The more complex enterprise networks get, the easier it is for risk to go unnoticed. Firewall rules get added without taking into account potential risk or impact to compliance. For the risk you do know about, such as open vulnerabilities, there often aren’t enough resources available to remediate.

FireMon single-console management platform provides comprehensive visibility into every corner of your security infrastructure, providing the context necessary for you to measurably improve security posture.

  • Get real-time visibility into all network security changes
  • Proactively focus on risk remediation activities
  • Assess security posture against internal best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Prepare and pass compliance audits with confidence
  • Leverage data-driven insight for more informed security decision-making

How We Do It

Risk Vulnerability Management
Overlay of vulnerability data on network security configurations to identify and remediate your network’s risk exposure.

Automated Change
Customizable workflow platform that automates rule design, review and implementation with security and compliance at the center.

Automated Compliance
Continuous assessment and reporting on the compliance of your security policies with internal best practices or regulatory requirements.

Our Customers See Results
reduction in overall policy size
reduction in total rulesets
assurance of PCI compliance across all firewalls

Respond to Threats Faster

The scale and complexity of enterprise infrastructure makes it difficult to protect the organization. Sophisticated adversaries have taken advantage of this, often evading traditional methods of detection and wreaking havoc. All of this technology should be helping, but instead, it creates noise. Making sense of the noise, of all the disparate and numerous data sources is time-intensive practice – and there often isn’t time to spare.

If security teams could spend less time assembling data for analysis, they could spend more time investigating real threats. FireMon’s security analytics platform fills that need and enables security teams to:

  • Spend time investigating events rather than assembling data
  • Organize, search and analyze unlimited volume of security data
  • Detect and respond to threats with speed and efficiency
  • Discover and respond to the unknown before they act

How We Do It

Threat Hunting
Real-time, automated data assembly to identify threats that evade defenses systems so you can track down the “unknown” threats in your environment.

Incident Investigation
Automated data enrichment, correlation and monitoring to help triage security events and accelerate incident response process.

Our Customers See Results
increase in analyst productivity
reduction in false positives
increase in threats detected

Use Cases

We take your job seriously, no matter your role or industry. With FireMon Intelligent Security Management Solutions, you can find your answer quickly – whatever your task may be.

The FireMon Difference

Comprehensive Solution

When you choose FireMon for network security policy management, you’re getting 15 years of real-world cybersecurity problem-solving and the unique capabilities and services that come with that experience.

We take a holistic approach to security management that spans network security and operations to deliver on all four of Gartner’s components in a Network Security Policy Management solution: security policy management, change management, risk and vulnerability analysis and application connectivity management.

Our solutions, whether the flagship Security Manager or the recently acquired Immediate Insight, work together to deliver unmatched visibility, integrations, automation and risk reduction.

With this approach, you gain a single source of truth for network security policy management that reduce complexity, inefficiencies and errors within your security infrastructure.


Real-Time Monitoring

Your network operates in real-time, and your management software should too. Whether you’re monitoring for changes, traffic behavior and compliance status or hunting down the latest threat, we provide the up-to-date visibility you need.

In practice, real-time monitoring gives you back time and money. With this capability, you will be able to:

  • Increase visibility into overall network security posture
  • Increase accountability of changes
  • Reduce the resources required to diagnose and restore change-driven service interruption
  • Accelerate time-to-recovery after change-driven service interruption
  • Enable more efficient compliance assessment, audit and reporting processes

Advanced Automation

Automation is so much more than pushing a change; it should be built into every daily process your security team manages.

With our approach to automation, you can more effectively allocate resources, reduce mistakes caused by human error and respond to internal requests and external threats quickly and securely.

Intelligent Policy Automation

We believe every stage of the firewall rule lifecycle can benefit from automation. That includes access requests, rule review and recertification, firewall cleanup and continuous compliance analysis.

Security & Data Orchestration

For network security teams, data assembly is typically the most labor-intensive piece of the threat response puzzle. So, of course, we decided to automate it. We stitch together disparate data sets and automatically enrich and correlate them to provide advanced, real-time analysis.

We take automation a step further to include dynamic blocking of identified threats for instant remediation.

Data-Driven Analysis

We don’t believe in “best guesses.” Our analysis is based on current-state network configuration data, providing recommendations you can count on.

Assessments and visualizations of your rules and policies allow you to remove overly permissive access, unused rules or rules that may result in the exploit of a vulnerable host.

Traffic Flow Analysis is a powerful feature for analyzing network traffic patterns, monitoring traffic moving through a firewall rule and allowing you to make access decisions based on its reports.

FireMon takes traditional TFA capabilities to the next level with its ability to define TFA inputs by rule or zones. This is especially helpful for complying with PCI DSS standards, which require documentation of PCI zone access.

This analysis allows you to make data-driven decisions when designing new device policies, migrating devices or implementing access requests.

Custom Search & Reporting

With the complexity and diversity of enterprise networks, a one-size-fits-all solution is not the answer. FireMon bakes in custom reporting options, query building and searching to ensure your team gets relevant information for security decision making.

Searching & Reporting On Network Policies

Customizable compliance reports ensure your policies meet your specific business and compliance needs. Choose from our library of 350+ control or engage with our professional services team to develop reports that satisfy your unique requirements.

A network-aware query language enables high-speed, custom across the enterprises.

Natural-Language Search for Security Data

The Google-like search feature within Immediate Insight means you can ask questions of your data rather than knowing exactly what you’re looking for. It also expands the number of users who can leverage the tool and contribute to incident investigation and threat hunting.

Performance At Scale

To be a single source of truth for network security, it’s imperative that your management tool scales to the size and scope of your network.

FireMon allows you to maintain a single installation, limiting permissions as needed, to enable enterprise-wide monitoring and search.

Our distributed architecture scales widely while minimizing network load. We offer full data retention. And the utilization of Elastic search means search results across the entire enterprise network are returned in sub-seconds.

Of course, all of this means you can count of FireMon to provide the same value whether your network has 10 firewalls or 10,000, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, or whether its consolidated to one location or spread out across the globe.

Tailored Access

Security is a team sport, requiring a variety of skillsets, processes and technologies. Designed with this is mind, FireMon integrates into your existing enterprise applications and processes, accelerating adoption and maximizing efficiency.

Our simple, polished dashboards and KPIs emphasize the relevant information to users. Two powerful search options – the Google-like omni-search and our proprietary query language – ensure security staff at every level have access to information across the entire infrastructure.

Our API has 100% coverage for enterprise integrations. Our workflow engine is BPMN-based and fully customizable with our professional services team.

Customer Success

A lot of time and effort go into selecting an enterprise software solution. FireMon helps you realize the full value of your investment with our industry-leading customer success program.

We champion the end user, providing consistent, dedicated support throughout the product lifecycle – from the sale to deployment to training. We have support engineers stationed across the globe for questions or assistance you might need once the product is in place.

With our customer success team at your side, you will optimize product usage, have a more predictable implementation and achieve faster time-to-value and


When you choose FireMon for network security policy management, you’re getting 15 years of real-world cybersecurity problem-solving and the unique capabilities and services that come with that experience.

Diverse Industry Experience & Customers Base

Companies large and small, industries niche or mainstream, teams of one or many – we’ve seen it all. Whether you need to protect against breaches or maintain policy compliance, we’ve got a solution to fit any (and every) firewall. 

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