Today’s Enterprise organizations are challenged to evolve management of network security device infrastructure at the speed of business, ensuring that access is optimized while making the most out of their related investments.

FireMon Security Intelligence Platform solutions currently help many of the world’s largest Enterprises maintain continuous visibility into their complex, multi-vendor firewall environments, while automating network security policy workflow to respond quickly to changing network management requirements.

In addition to aiding in the management of network firewall configuration, policy change and related IT risks, FireMon solutions offer advanced automation that has allowed Enterprises to optimize resources and garner higher ROI on their security investments.

FireMon Enterprise customers derive benefit from a wide range of highly differentiated FireMon solutions capabilities including:

  • Standards-based integration with ticketing management systems
  • Real-time visibility into network security device infrastructure
  • End-to-end network security policy change workflow
  • Customizable and ad hoc compliance assessment and reporting
  • Access-based prioritization of existing network vulnerabilities