Migrating to next-generation firewalls are often long, arduous projects during which gaps in protection may be created as systems are taken offline and replaced.Organizations can eliminate the potential for increased IT risk exposure during migration by employing FireMon Security Manager to continually look for emerging gaps in network protection and adjusting controls on the fly as conditions change and new defenses are brought into production. At the same time, as policies are being refined and new infrastructure is beginning to show its strengths, and weaknesses, FireMon can provide real-time validation that next-generation firewalls are working properly and covering all the bases addressed by their predecessors.

With FireMon’s real-time analysis and actionable intelligence on current conditions as migrations to next-gen firewalls advance, organizations can enlist automation to continually confirm that their efforts are succeeding. This automation saves significant time and working hours that previously would be spent on “after the fact” analysis and eliminating all the exposure that may have existed until that assessment was complete.

Related Firewall Migration Features of FireMon

Next-Gen Firewalls

Reverse application engineering capabilities ease migration to next-gen systems and enhances monitoring of advanced firewalls.

Device Pack SDKs

Create device packs to integrate emerging technologies directly into Security Manager.

Application Clustering

Take advantage of multiple host resources to increase systems performance.