Visibility Into and Control Over Cloud Services, including AWS and OpenStack Platforms

The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform is the industry’s only solution offering comprehensive analysis and reporting of network security configuration change for both the AWS and OpenStack platforms, with support available to all customers in the current FireMon Security Manager solution.

As recognized by leading industry analysts, organizations continue to rapidly adopt leading cloud-based services — in particular AWS and OpenStack — driving demand for supporting solutions that allow for management of related network security controls. With end-user organizations ultimately responsible for oversight of security management within such environments, not cloud services providers themselves, practitioners require advanced capabilities to address their evolving deployments.

With the ability to provide detailed visualization of both traditional and cloud-based controls, along with detection and reporting of related firewall rule changes, FireMon supports today’s real-world hybrid enterprise architectures. Among the specific capabilities FireMon Security Manager provides in support of AWS and OpenStack are features including:

  • Centralized, integrated security infrastructure analysis across traditional and cloud-based network controls from a single pane of glass
  • Detailed policy visualization for VPC and Tenant instances, as well as configuration change notification for AWS and OpenStack environments
  • Ongoing audit and validation of related network security policies, including for required standards compliance (e.g., PCI DSS)
  • Verification of rule set and policy conformity with established network security best practices

Related Cloud Security Features of FireMon

KPI Dashboard

See your network at a glance with analysis, trending and key performance indicator widgets on your dashboard.

Change Detection

Change Detection

Isolate, document and, when necessary, alert on every ongoing change implemented throughout your existing firewall policies.


PCI DSS Compliance

Expanded compliance auditing and automated workflow for rules recertification address new PCI DSS requirements.