Whitelist Nearly every organization faces significant IT security compliance demands regardless of industry, with the goal of ensuring that mandated controls are always in place and that assessments are being performed with proscribed regularity. Examples of industry-specific regulations include FISMA, HIPAA, NERC, NSA Router Configuration Guidelines, and SOX.

Using FireMon Security Manager, organizations can further streamline their compliance auditing and validation processes by using automation to demonstrate that network access controls are in place at all times and are being tested frequently. While existing compliance automation solutions may help confirm that appropriate configurations are in place in the network security device rules base, only FireMon offers the ability to comprehensively analyze and report in real-time that all of those systems have been calibrated together to prevent access and maintain true critical asset protection.

With onboard capability to test for popular security requirements such as the PCI DSS standard, FireMon Security Manager represents an even more conclusive and detailed analysis of both policy compliance and the ability to meet the underlying goals of such measures in validating real world IT risk mitigation.

Related Policy Audit & Compliance Features of FireMon

Run Assessments

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis, and reporting, of your existing firewall policies.

Create Controls

Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting of your firewall policies.


Expanded compliance auditing and automated workflow for rules recertification address new PCI DSS requirements.