Better Security Through More Effective Firewall Management

The FireMon platform allows you to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your network device congfigurations, giving you continuous visibility into and control over firewall infrastructure, network security policies and underlying IT risks.

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Network security infrastructure is rapidly growing in complexity and changing to meet evolving security needs. This can lead to reactive, inefficient security policies that open your network up to risk. With the FireMon platform, you get continuous, real-time visibility into your existing security infrastructure so you can proactively identify redundant, risky and out-of-date policies. The result is more effective security and firewall management, lower cost of operations and reduced exposure to risk.

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Capabilities Designed for Today’s Complex, Ever-Changing Networks

The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform offers a set of feature-rich capabilities that enable practitioners to effectively manage firewall policies and changes, ensure network compliance and assess network risk.

Firewall Policy Management Capabilities

FireMon’s firewall policy analysis and reporting capabilities provide practitioners with detailed understanding of existing network defenses to eliminate necessary network access and improve overall performance.
Identify any unused rules in your existing firewall policies to prevent unseen gaps in defense and reduce unnecessary complexity.
Discover hidden rules that make your firewall policies less effective, increasing visibility and informing proper documentation.
Leverage FireMon’s proprietary Security Information Query Language (SiQL) to locate and examine any existing firewall policies.
Gauge the efficacy of your existing firewall policies, including comparative scoring, to understand current access enforcement.
Map and analyze all access paths created by your existing firewall policies to ensure proper network defense and segmentation.
Trace the source and destination of every rule in each of your existing firewall policies (including NAT) to understand traffic flow.
Examine all rule sets applied within your existing firewall policies to continually assess and improve network enforcement.
Aggregate detailed documentation of all rules applied within your existing firewall policies to maintain a comprehensive repository.
Pre-approve existing firewall rules and policies specific to your environment to speed analysis and ongoing management.

Network Compliance & Audit Capabilities

With FireMon’s policy compliance assessment capabilities, practitioners can validate firewall configuration against compliance requirements with rules recertification and full documentation.
Identify and document every rule in your existing firewall policies to both achieve and report on compliance requirements.
Leverage predefined best practice analysis, standards-based assessments and reporting to audit your existing firewall policies.
Isolate and visualize access-based exposures related to your existing firewall policies to prioritize vulnerability mitigation.
Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting of your existing firewall policies.
Analyze and understand the effectiveness of rules incorporated in your existing firewall policies to ensure optimal compliance.
Leverage full visibility across all of your existing firewall policies to inform ongoing change and ensure effective implementation.

Firewall Change Management Capabilities

The FireMon platform integrates with policy management workflows to give practitioners visibility into the implications of each change prior to change implementation.
Isolate, document and, when necessary, alert on every ongoing change implemented throughout your existing firewall policies.
Review every proposed rule change against your existing firewall policies to ensure consistency and prevent redundancy.
Evaluate every proposed text edit against your existing firewall policies to ensure consistency and prevent redundancy.
Perform proactive what-if impact analysis of any proposed changes to your existing firewall policies, prior to implementation.
Retain the ability to audit every change made to your existing firewall policies with full search and historical event logs.
Monitor, alert and document all ongoing changes made to your existing firewall policies to verify proper implementation.
Create detailed documentation of all changes to your existing firewall policies to track, search and understand revisions.
Employ fully customizable workflow process automation for all ongoing changes made to your existing firewall policies.
Automate workflow and recertification of your existing firewall policies to validate ongoing standards compliance (PCI DSS).
Utilize standards-based (BPMN 2.0) integration with your existing firewall policy workflow (e.g. ticketing) management processes.

Network Security & Risk Analysis Capabilities

FireMon visualizes access controls so practitioners can see potential attack paths and prioritize vulnerability remediation. With the addition of Immediate Insight, users can also perform real-time security event analysis.
Leverage network-wide visibility into your existing firewall policies to prioritize mitigation based on current access levels.
Understand the specific risks introduced by your existing firewall policies by simulating potential network attack paths.
Chart the specific attack paths open across your existing firewall policies to produce detailed threat route visualizations.
Isolate access-based risks based on your existing firewall policies, gaining the ability to rapidly mitigate problems by adapting rules.


The FireMon Platform Suite: Better Security Through More Effective Firewall Management

“How It Works”


The FireMon platform pulls real-time data such as log files, changes, vulnerabilities and configurations from your existing network devices into one single view.


Armed with KPIs and other custom analysis, users across disciplines have the intelligence they need to prioritize workflow and vulnerabilities on the network.

With FireMon Security Manager as the foundation, the platform provides visibility into device controls and configurations so you can monitor and modify policies.


Built-In Features for More Effective Network Device Management

The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform offers a set of feature-rich capabilities across four integral products, with Security Manager at the foundation.

FireMon Security Manager is the platforms staple, offering scalable, real-time monitoring and assessment of device policies, providing the necessary intelligence to keep access control in step with business and security demands.
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FireMon’s Policy Planner Workflow Module automates the firewall change process with an intelligent workflow solution improving the efficiency of the change process, reducing time and costs associated with access change requests.
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FireMon’s Policy Optimizer Module automates key elements of the process of adapting device policies and provides a centralized workflow allowing network security teams to interact directly with other network access stakeholders.
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FireMon’s Risk Analyzer Module analyzes the exposure of identified network vulnerabilities, traces all potential attack paths through the network and aids in prioritizing remediation activities in the event of a attack.
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Who is FireMon?

Founded in 2004, FireMon helps enterprise organizations, government agencies and managed service providers gain visibility into and maintain control over network security infrastructure.

The FireMon Proactive Security Intelligence Platform gives security decision makers key management and operations data to reduce risk and provide appropriate levels of access. FireMon Security Manager provides the framework for making intelligent, informed decisions to implement security countermeasures in real time, so you can protect your organization’s network and keep business operations running smoothly.

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Why Clients Use FireMon
Firewall Rules Cleanup 79%
Firewall Policy Change 51%
Firewall Policy Complexity Reduction 53%
Firewall Policy Compliance 55%
“This is an invaluable tool for any security professional.”

“We have integrated Firemon Security Manager with Rapid7 Nexpose to be able to improve our risk mitigation by playing attack scenarios and determining if firewall access rules allow attackers to reach vulnerable systems identified through our Nexpose vulnerability scans. This is an invaluable tool for any security professional.”
– Small Business Telecommunications Services Company

FireMon is the best thing that has happened to firewalls and the network security market since inception. We can’t imagine a day without having FireMon in our customer networks.
Associate Vice President, Spire Solutions
[FireMon provides] ease of use through a device centric approach. Discovery can be accomplished through a high level report template or low level markup language. [FireMon is] very powerful and easy to use.
Info Security Solutions Engineer, CVS
The FireMon Security Manager Training was very helpful with day-to-day operational tasks with instructors providing a lot of best practices. Overall, I’d recommend the class to my colleagues.
Stacy V., Large Financial Institution
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