FireMon Network Security & Firewall Software Training Services

FireMon’s customers invest heavily in security technology for their network infrastructure. But our customers’ biggest investment is in the people who manage that infrastructure. We built our products to help them manage those networks better and have designed our training services to provide users with the concepts and skills necessary to configure and use FireMon solutions to meet their change management, risk, compliance and operational goals with efficiency and confidence.

Instructor-Led Training Class

Instructor-Led Class

Our training class provides hands-on experience that will enable participants to test their knowledge in real-world scenarios. A purchased training seat also includes an attempt at the FMSE Certification Exam. Contact [email protected] to purchase a training seat.

FireMon Solutions Expert Certification (FMSE) Course

Self-Paced Certification Course

The FireMon Solutions Expert Certification (FMSE) Course is delivered using Canvas, an online platform for organizing and securely sharing course materials, online lectures, discussions and other learning activities. The course is currently free.