August 2016

The Economics of Security

Cyber security budgets are curious things. There is a constant balancing act between the ability to provide maximum protection and risk reduction against flat IT budgets and incremental personnel hiring. And most organizations expect that [...]

July 2016

Update Process – Immediate Insight

  This document outlines how Immediate Insight can be kept up-to-date for the latest features and performance enhancements. The product is designed to update seamlessly and automatically via the command-line interface (CLI). However, this methodology [...]

Streaming Copy over WAN – Immediate Insight

This document outlines how you can securely forward/copy data from one Immediate Insight server to another over the WAN (or Internet). As an example: this can be utilized to send data from a remote site [...]

Security Manager Changes and Firewall Log Collection – Immediate Insight

The purpose of this document is to walk the user through the integration for collecting Security Manager firewall change events and logs into Immediate Insight (also note: Security Manager activity, such as configuration collection via [...]

Advanced Commands – Immediate Insight

  This document highlights valuable installation and setup-related commands and other command-line interface (CLI) commands for advanced users. Installation Script – “install” When you first install Immediate Insight, you initiate the “install” command. This command [...]

Messy firewall rules get security professionals “grounded for life”

Hands up, whose firewall rules are a mess? Yes? Well, the good news (if it can be considered good news) is that you’re not alone, because 65% of your peers are in the same boat [...]