The Future of Retail Cyber Security

Retails Top Network Security Initiatives

With an increasing number of retail and consumer focused businesses taking steps toward digital transformation and transitioning more of their operations to the cloud, security is just as crucial to business survival as the need to transform. Mega breaches make headlines and damage reputations, and in an era when trust and brand loyalty are critical factors of success, a single breach can strip away any benefits of transformation a retailer has managed to secure for its brand.

43% of Global 2000 companies are speeding up their digital transformation efforts to the cloud.

This acceleration leads to a more complex digital environment which in turn facilitates greater risk.  As retailers begin updating their infrastructures they're also expanding their potential attack surfaces and behind every transaction is a plethora of data moving around on the network. .

Listen in as we review why security leaders believe that combining - automation with a Zero Trust approach, the implementation of SASE architectures, and systems to effectively manage an increasingly heterogeneous hybrid environment will empower their organizations to respond more quickly AND embrace digital transformation initiatives. 

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