The Future of Network Security: 5 Significant Priorities

Ensure a Secure, Compliant and Agile Future

Network security will only become more challenging. With multiplying threats, growing complexity accelerated by cloud adoption, and ever-increasing business demands it is more important than ever to have a strong security foundation.

This webinar shows the way forward, highlighting 5 significant priorities identified by our recent survey of 500 global IT security leaders:

Amping up automation, and the one investment 9 in 10 agree on
Embracing Zero Trust, and the factors driving its adoption
Implementing SASE, and what businesses expect to gain
Addressing misalignment between security and development, and the problems it causes
Managing growing heterogeneity, and the approach to integration that 8 in 10 prefer

Watch this important webinar to learn where your organization should invest to ensure a secure, compliant, and agile future.

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