Risk Analysis Module Diagram

The central element of any assessment solution is its underlying analysis engine, providing the heavy lifting that allows for processing of massive amounts of raw data and performs the complex calculations necessary to arrive at the desired results.

Unlike solutions that require significant computing resources and be leveraged only during off hours or specific windows in network activity, FireMon’s patented Risk Analysis Engine delivers truly scalable, real-time processing of real-world network security device configurations to produce the most accurate, relevant and actionable results. FireMon’s core cyber-security analytics engine also provides the powerfully unique capability to scope the impact that proposed changes to security device configurations will have on network-wide enforcement prior to implementation.

Allowing everyone from operational network and security staff to management officials, compliance audit teams and forensics experts, among many others, to perform real-time, in-depth and predictive assessment of the true state of network security enforcement, Security Manager’s Risk Analysis Engine supports critical processes including:

  • Policy analysis, visualization and compliance validation
  • Device rule set review, cleanup and optimization
  • Workflow-based network security change management
  • Network vulnerability risk measurement and prioritization
  • Continuous enterprise network security monitoring