Rule Consolidation to Drive Operational Efficiencies

Modern networks and cloud platforms pose complex security and compliance challenges requiring sophisticated policies.

FireMon helps you create and manage network security policies more efficiently.

Only FireMon delivers the ability to create, manage, and query tags to manage network security policies by consolidating the management of on-prem and cloud-based resources in a single rule.

FireMon Tag Library

FireMon Tag Dashboard

FireMon is the only network security policy management solution with the built-in ability to create, manage, and query tags—as well as the ability to use third-party tags.

Competing solutions can only use third-party tags. This introduces inefficiencies, increases complexity, and impacts operational processes because it entails creating separate rules to manage on-prem and cloud-based resources.

Network Security Policy Management

Without FireMon Tags

  • Creating separate rules to manage on-prem and cloud-based resources reduces efficiency

With FireMon Tags

  • Maximize efficiency by consolidating management of both on-prem and cloud-based resources in a single rule
  • Developing duplicative rules to separately manage on-prem and cloud-based resources increases complexity
  • Reduce rulebase complexity by eliminating policies that duplicate processes across on-prem and cloud-based resources
  • Using manual rule management leads to orphaned and duplicate rules, which can lead to compliance violations
  • Facilitate compliance by assuring consistent policy management

Extend tag flexibility found within cloud environments to on-prem and hybrid networks and deliver timely network security policy management.

Simplify and streamline network security policy management by removing unnecessary firewall rules.

Eliminate compliance errors due to misconfigurations with a consistent policy lifecycle approach.

Drive operational efficiencies with insight gained from querying tags with FireMon’s exclusive Security Intelligence Query Language.

90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations
90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line
90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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