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SiCL and Elasticsearch

Operational Insights to Fast-Track Innovation

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The proliferation of a myriad of network devices creates complexity that hinders the ability to gather, process, access, and analyze network security data.

FireMon’s simple, intuitive visual workflows empower you to easily identify where and how to make needed changes

Only FireMon’s exclusive query tool can scan tens of millions of IPs non-disruptively in an hour—unlike competitive solutions that require days or weeks.

FireMon’s proprietary Security Intelligence Query Language (SiCL) provides a robust solution for accessing and analyzing your data, enabling customizable, granular searches where competitors support only rudimentary searches.

In combination, Elasticsearch and SiCL increase your security team’s data-gathering efficiency, reduce data access complexity and provide operational insights that allow you to deliver innovation while enhancing your risk and compliance posture.

Security Policy Management Workflows

Without FireMon Customizable Workflows

  • Manually gathering and normalizing data from disparate devices reduces efficiency

  • Gathering insight from enterprise rulebases with rudimentary search tools is a complex process that yields suboptimal results

  • Assessing compliance through manual processes yields poor results and inhibits timely audit responses

With FireMon Customizable Workflows

Perform any search at warp speed and extract operational insights.

Store and maintain more contextual data for customizable and granular searches on any network object for trending, point-in-time comparisons, simulations, and more—unlike competing solutions with limited access to data.

Gather and normalize data across all your network devices, including those from different vendors.

Address growing data and performance requirements with a distributed, scalable, and flexible database architecture.

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90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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