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SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service, and SASE

Visualize, normalize, and manage policies on SD-WAN, Firewall as a Service, and SASE platforms

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Having to manage new devices manually or wait for vendor support causes risky delays, creates inefficient processes, and increases the likelihood of exposure to vulnerabilities.

FireMon helps you integrate new technologies with minimum effort and disruption.

Only with FireMon and our synthetic router, customers can integrate and manage a wide range of devices without the need to create custom scripts—and only FireMon offers support for Zscaler, CloudGenix, and Cisco Viptela.

By enabling visibility within our single pane of glass to include SASE, FWaaS, and SD-WAN, Cisco ACI, and VMware NSX, FireMon customers can expose another layer of network abstraction and orchestrate policies accordingly along a common source of truth, further increasing agility. And now we’re adding Zscaler, CloudGenix, and Cisco Viptela to further round out this support.

In combination, Elasticsearch and SIQL increase your security team’s data-gathering efficiency, reduce data access complexity and provide operational insights that allow you to deliver innovation while enhancing your risk and compliance posture.

FireMon Security Policy Management
Supports Non-Traditional Firewalls and SD-WAN

Without FireMon Support for Non-Traditional Firewalls and SD-WAN

  • Settling for incomplete visibility of SD-WAN creates security gaps and exposes an organization to greater risk

  • Manually managing new devices, or waiting for vendor support, causes risky delays and inefficient processes

  • Integrating and managing unknown or unsupported devices requires the laborious creation of custom, error-prone scripts

  • Applying manual patches is inefficient and increases risk

With FireMon Support for Non-Traditional Firewalls and SD-WAN

Perform any search at warp speed and extract operational insights.

Visualize and manage existing, new, and unrecognized devices to track changes, assure agility, and reduce risk.

Close security gaps by increasing visibility into another layer of your security posture.

Increase platform stability by eliminating the need for manual patches to support new devices.

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90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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