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Maximize Your Security Program by Streamlining your Operations

Security operations is hard. It’s a balancing act, juggling a wide range of technologies purchased and implemented at different times and often by different teams, all of them working in some degree of (dis)harmony to secure organizations’ critical data and workflows. Attacks are constant, constantly evolving, and continually finding new ways in.

Today’s enterprise is spending a small fortune on a range of technologies, but they’re all only as good as their configurations and integrations. And as the complexity of modern networks continues to expand, it’s impossible for even the best security teams to manage everything manually.

FireMon’s mission is to help security teams simplify security operations: integrating key technologies, automating tasks that should be automated: letting AI do the jobs they’re suited to, so your people can focus on the jobs that need human intelligence.

We improve security outcomes by improving security operations. Click below or contact us to learn how.

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From rule creation to decertification, from network discovery to firewall cleanup, and from the data center to the cloud, FireMon’s suite of tools allows security teams to streamline operations and automate workflows. Learn more about our use cases below.

Reduce Risk

Manage risk with real-time visibility and control to remediate the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Manage Change

Save time and eliminate errors with policy automation, delivered at the right pace for your organization.

Enforce Compliance

Simplify and automate reporting, violation detection, and rule recertification.

Learn More about FireMon Products

FireMon is the only real-time network security policy management for today’s complex multi-vendor, enterprise environments spanning on-premises networks all the way to the cloud.

Security Manager

Visibility and Control

Real-time visibility, control, and management for network security devices across multi-vendor and hybrid cloud environments from a single management console

Policy Planner

Workflow Automation

Comprehensive and customizable rule change workflows that automatically check for policy violations then precisely deploy changes across the entire rule lifecycle

Policy Optimizer

Rule Recertification

Automated rule recertification workflows to review and then recertify or decertify existing firewall rules to ensure continuous compliance with external regulations and internal business policies

Risk Analyzer

Vulnerability and Threat Protection

Combines vulnerability scanner data with access policy information to enable real time risk analysis, threat modeling, risk scoring, and remediation prioritization


Real-Time Visibility

Eliminate leak paths and improve visibility by finding and securing unknown, rogue, and shadow clouds, network infrastructure, and endpoints


Cloud Security Operations

Bring security operations and DevOps together and empower your teams to find & fix issues before they become incidents.

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90% Efficiency Gain by automating firewall support operations

90%+ Faster time to globally block malicious actors to a new line

90% Reduction in FTE hours to implement firewalls

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